What Can I Drive in the Hines Drive Cruise?

Cars or Trucks:
  • Classics are any cars or trucks that are 25 years or older.
  • Motorcycles and Mini-bikes are not allowed. (Remember folks, this is a car event and bike shows don't allow cars at all!)
Rules of the Cruise:
  • No Unauthorized Commercial Vehicles
  • No Mini Bikes
  • No Motorcycles
  • No Golf Carts
  • All Park and Motor Vehicle Laws Apply
  • No Parking on the Paved Shoulder
  • No Burn Outs
  • No Drinking and Driving
  • No Racing Starts
  • No Passing
  • No Unapproved Vendors
  • No Unapproved Commercial Banners
  • All Vehicles must be 25 years or older

    If you have questions about your car qualifying, e-mail Don@DonNicholson.net, or bring it out to one of his charity car shows to inquire.



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